Fantasy worlds. Magical inhabitants. Timeless battles between Good and Evil.

“Dragon’s Revenge” is available!


Powerful Ring-Witches, Mayra and Wolfe have fled their kingdom, accompanied by their witch-warrior friends, escaping with the dragons they rescued. But once they reach the dragon’s cold homeland, they find an empty Aerie. Where are the dragon females and the younglings?

Barely do the witches have time to rest before they are winging their way to rescue the stolen dragons—but things seem to go wrong from the beginning. The witches quickly find themselves trapped in a vast system of caverns with Hagan, an evil, fanatical dragon, and his helpers—a greedy shapeshifter and a wrathful gnome.

Mayra is running out of time. If she doesn’t wrest a powerful talisman from Hagan’s control before he can use it, he will take control of all the noble dragons that Mayra loves. Hagan threatens to kill his hostages—the female dragons and their tiny offspring, unless Mayra leaves him to collect his terrible treasure from its hiding place.

Can Mayra and Wolfe rescue the dragons—large and small—and find the talisman before Hagan and his irrational accomplices destroy all that the mighty dragons hold dearest to them? It won’t be as easy a battle this time, for Hagan, a wielder of dark dragon magic, dares the humans to battle him—the most savagely horrific dragon ever hatched. He has brought a far more difficult truth for the witches and their friends to learn–not all dragons are as beneficent as those who live under the guidance of Gaulte. A terrible violation has been perpetrated on someone so innocent, so utterly powerful—and so intertwined with Mayra—that not one, but two lives may be at risk before the dragons free the weakest members of the Aerie. Can dragons and humans take that chance and finally, have their revenge?

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