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I can’t believe how much fun this promotion is! Books with women as the strong protagonist have been skyrocketing in popularity over the last few years, and you only need to go through the free books offered in this promotion to realize why. The pure talent of these writers is off the charts! I highly recommend you follow my lead—download each free book and put them high on your TBR list. (Umm…that’s To Be Read…)

And now, I’d like to tell you a bit more about my book, Dragon Rings!

Dragon Rings is the first of two books (so far) that starts with an investigation of terrible acts of destruction but quickly turns into rekindling an ancient affinity between Ring-Witches and dragons. Neither can turn away from their connection—the enhanced magic of wrist Rings created by the dragons for only the most powerful witches, those able to control and use them.

Mayra is a daunting young Ring-Witch, raised in the harsh, nomadic world of reevers, the king’s formidable enforcers. The reevers fear her position and her power, and like most men, she doesn’t care much for them—they don’t bathe enough and eat like pigs. Wolfe is a Ring-Witch in hiding and a highly effective assassin. He has a job to do and doesn’t plan to be distracted by anything, let alone a diminutive, elfin Ring-Witch. And Gaulte, the mighty black dragon, is the Prime of his Aerie. He and his dragons are enthralled by a terrible device that fills them with shocking pain at the whim of their captors. Forced to comply by the threat to their females and nestlings, the dragons are ridden by evil humans who kill and ravage seemingly without cause.

Declaring an uneasy truce, Mayra and Wolfe investigate the ongoing—and very puzzling—destruction. How can something be formidable enough to incinerate entire villages and tracts of forests, slaughtering people and animals, yet leave behind massive amounts of valuable gold and jewels? What do these savage invaders want? The two start to hear and feel a large, powerful presence in their heads as they investigate—but it refuses to show itself. When they probe, it brings scorching, mind-rending pain to Mayra—and then inconsolably apologizes for its actions! When Mayra finds a huge, bloodstained talon, she finally knows what that destructive force is—a dragon. A creature so long unseen they are a myth.  

Once upon a time, dragons treasured witches as allies and friends. What has changed? Why are they attacking humans? Mayra and Wolfe must learn the truth to stop a war the humans cannot possibly win. But joining the dragons would be more than just betraying their king, it could mean their deaths. For Mayra and Wolfe and their small, fierce assembly of witches have learned that there are some things worth more than life. There are some causes even mighty dragons will die for.

Scroll down and find your copy of Dragon Rings. While you’re there, please take some time to enjoy the other free books—a gift from great authors and their Strong Women. You’re going to love them!

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The king has sent the Kioreu Clan of reevers to hunt down and kill what is responsible for the mysterious and deadly attacks on the kingdom. Ring-Witch Mayra meets—and is annoyingly attracted to—dark, mysterious Wolfe, despite believing he isn’t who or what he claims to be. She questions his presence so near the latest destruction site. What does he know about the unknown predators? Why does being near him make her feel so peculiar? And could he know anything about the eerie voice she has started hearing in her head? Wolfe, a Ring-Witch in hiding, has good reason to be near the last attacked site, but he isn’t going to share his mission. But as they must be, his plans are soon thrown to the wind. First, by the haunting voice, he hears in his head, and then by a diminutive, elfin Ring-Witch. Gaulte and the males of his Aerie survive on dreams of the blue humans releasing the magical reins holding them captive—for then they would die with one terrible bite! Meanwhile, the dragons sleep and reserve their energy. Until one day, Gaulte’s mind touches an astonishingly spirited creature—by the Great White Dragon. It is a female human brimming with magic. Could she have the strength to help him escape and save his Aerie? When the two witches finally come face-to-face with the dragon, three lives are set on a course that will forever alter the futures of witches and dragons.
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One little note I’d like to add—the Rings worn by Ring-Witches aren’t simple metal bands. They’re placed on the wrists of children by a medical procedure. You’ll have to read the book to learn how it’s done, but I’ve heard from a few readers that it made them squirm!

What are Dragon Rings?


For those who suggested that I had not emphasized the basis of my series, The Ring-Witches of Nesht, that is, Enhancement Rings, I agree. It’s time we know more about the symbiotic nature of these ancient tools. Rings are earned as children, and are worn by Mayra and Wolfe, the primary Ring-Witches of this series, as well as all the witch-warriors. But those wearing the Rings actually know little about them. What are Enhancement Rings? Where did they come from? As Mayra and Wolfe find each other and battle to free the dragons, they soon realize they don’t know the dark side of their Rings; in fact, that know very little at all about their purpose.

The following bit of conversation between Mayra and her warlord/father-figure/mentor, Leisher–shortly before he utterly betrays her–explains what she knows of the Rings she wears. It is far from all there is to know.

“…the Rings are for enhancement of power. The Guild doesn’t give them where magic doesn’t exist, nor do they strengthen one. Anything you see me do, I could do without them. But the Rings do make magic possible with much less effort.” Her eyebrows drew together. “If they do add anything, it is swiftness and precision in using magic.”

And later: “Our magic is based upon being one with and using, nature and the elements. Secondary magic, which is physical, hands-on incantations, relies upon knowledge of herbs and plants, and some alchemy. Enhancement Rings are given to a child once they have been taught all that the Guild can teach them…”

She ran a finger across her Ring and shivered. The gesture was no longer entirely soothing. Wolfe had shown her another, sensual side of her Rings, one she was certain she wished to explore further. Her instructors had never told her that being touched by a male with Rings—and a certain gleam in his eyes—could make her feel as though she were on fire inside.

She glanced at Leisher. He was waiting quietly. The next part—she wasn’t sure she wanted to convey it, nor the warlord to hear it, but she took a deep breath.

“Inside are minuscule filaments, of various lengths and as fine as hair. The Guild Healer cuts our wrists open across here,”—she drew her finger across her inner wrist—“and the filaments are fused with nerves. They then grow into the nerves throughout our bodies. Supposedly, if someone should remove the Rings, the loss will kill the person. After a month or so, we have healed enough to start learning to use and control the Rings. I didn’t—”

She looked up and stopped short. Leisher—his face pale and pinched—stared at her with something akin to horror in his dark eyes. He was hardly aware that he was clenching his hands into huge fists.

“I-I never would have allowed that to happen to anyone I cared about.” His voice was strained and hoarse. “How can it be expected that you will forget—carry on life after enduring such a thing?”

“Leisher, you cannot understand,” she began gently. “From the day we are given over to the Sorcery Guild, we are told every day what will happen. After a while, it’s a part of growing up, as you know you will get taller, your feet will get bigger”—she gave him a quick grin—“it’s just something that will happen to us.”

Leisher’s large hands closed around her small ones as he stared down at their arms. Lights glimmered off his gold and leather wrist guards as he reached out a cautious finger and touched a small, flat, coin-shaped piece of metal at the top outer Ring

She poured more tea for them and continued: “Ring lore says the bands are symbiotic. That hasn’t been proven, but somehow, they can refuse the person they are supposed to bond with.” A smile lifted one corner of her lips. “The nightmare of a new Ring-Witch. So, now you know the very basics about a person who can turn a thought into action.”

But that is far from all that Mayra eventually learns about her Rings, and how they are part of dragons and their lore. You will find more about the mythos of Dragon Rings in Dragon Rings. The story of Mayra and Wolfe and the dragons continues in Dragon’s Revenge.

You can find both books here Dragon’s Revenge (The Ring-Witches of Nesht Book 2) eBook: Debi Ennis Binder: Kindle Store
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