Fantasy worlds. Magical inhabitants. Timeless battles between Good and Evil.

What’s on the Horizon…

Summerbirds Quest

An Act of Entreaty – Summerbird’s Quest

Summerbird Asii has survived the quickest, most bewildering round of magic instruction ever provided by a group of Fey realm lords. And just like that—they think she can use her magic to protect herself and others?  Of course! And off she goes, preparing for a quest where no one really knows what the assembled team is even searching for.

Emythor is a mystical land created by an endlessly powerful entity called Treaty, as a refuge for the Fey from the savage humans. Once peaceful, it is now in danger from a ruthlessly evil entity that hungers to consume Emythor and its magics. But Summerbird, who believes she was chosen to assist Treaty because she is a young seer the entity hoped no one would notice, has her own problems. She has attracted the unwanted attention of an evil mage, who is determined to take over Emythor and make her his queen.

Even worse—her companions start to wonder how these two beings, both steeped in malevolence, not be working together?

Summerbird sets off on the journey with an assembly of powerful beings, guided by the Otter, an enigmatic thief with dangerous secrets and questionable loyalties. What is she to make of this man, who shows far too much interest in her, who seems to control deep magic and hides that ability from the others with fierce determination.

Along their travels, they encounter a cursed woman who becomes a monstrosity to eat; an enchanted tree who tells riddles; green-skinned lake denizens of folklore; a vile troll who dines on travelers; and a psychopathic old liege who has imprisoned a revenge-seeking dragon.

On a long and treacherous journey where nothing is what it seems, Summerbird learns that her destiny, utterly entwined with the Otter and his devastating secrets, is far more life-changing than the once-lonely seer could ever have imagined.

For she alone must find the strength and courage to defeat the evil creature that threatens both Emythor and Isterr, even when it takes on a final form that nearly renders her powerless.



The Ring-Witches of Nesht – Dragon’s Revenge

As Dragon’s Revenge begins, Mayra and Wolfe have left the kingdom of Nesht with Gaulte, the great black dragon, and leader of the Ceshon Aerie, to fly north to the home of the dragons, accompanied by the human witches and the male dragons of the Ceshon Aerie. The dragons have a good idea of what awaits them far North, amid the ice and snow, where their mates and nestlings were stolen by evil blue humans known as Phailites, a ploy that forced the male dragons to slaughter humans and destroy villages in Nesht.

Mayra and Wolfe, leaders of the human witches, are more than happy to follow the dragons north, but they know little of what to expect once they arrive, other than of the missing family members. There’s no point in Gaulte trying to tell them what happened; he will have to show them the destruction.

But before they even reach the Ceshon Aerie, the unusual party of dragons and humans come across two enemy stragglers: the Phailites—high in the mountains, spying upon them. It doesn’t take long for the witches and most especially the dragons, to learn that not all blue humans are evil. When the travelers resume their trip, they are now accompanied by the two Phailites and two huge dire-wolves, animals that aren’t much more than over-sized pups.

Most Phailites are hunters who want nothing more than to have a home and family, a full belly, an ale, and a story around the fireplace with friends. Very few are evil, and that is a lesson that the dragons soon come to embrace. A far more difficult truth to learn is approaching–that not all dragons are as beneficent as those who live under the guidance of Gaulte. And the Ring-Witches of Nesht will learn this lesson far too quickly, as they try to assist the families of the dragons. For they will find that a terrible violation has been perpetrated on someone so innocent, so utterly powerful—and so intertwined with Mayra—that not one, but two lives may be at risk before the dragons free the weakest members of the Aerie. And finally, have their Revenge.


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