What’s on the Horizon…The Ring-Witches of Nesht

Dragons Revenge

Update: Starting Chapter Seven. Things are starting to heat up. The dragons and witches have returned to the Ceshon Aerie, but there have been a series of strange happenings as they travel north. Strange little critters and tales of terrible dragons follow them, and they find themselves joined by blue men who might be a lot friendlier than the ones the dragons met in Nesht. Maybe. Everyone seems to have a hidden agenda and secrets the others would really like to know. But not yet!


Chapters One and Two are nearly completed, as Gaulte, the great black dragon, and leader of the Ceshon Aerie has left the kingdom of Nesht to return home, accompanied by the human witches and the male dragons of his Aerie. The dragons have a good idea of what awaits them far North, amid the ice and snow, where their mates and nestlings were stolen by evil blue humans known as Phailites, a ploy that forced the male dragons to slaughter humans and destroy villages in Nesht.

Mayra and Wolfe, leaders of the human witches, are more than happy to follow the dragons north, but they know little of what to expect once they arrive, other than of the missing family members. There’s no point in Gaulte trying to tell them what happened; he will have to show them the destruction.

But before they even reach the Ceshon Aerie the unusual party of dragons and humans find themselves joined by beasties stranger than any the witches have ever seen, and some of those unusual animals are accompanied by blue humans-Phailites! But creatures and Phailites have much to teach, and both dragons and witches must learn that not all blue humans are evil, and not all dragons are as beneficent as those who live under the guidance of Gaulte.

And the Ring-Witches of Nesht will learn this lesson far too quickly, as they try to assist the families of the dragons. For they will find that a terrible injustice has been perpetrated on someone so innocent, so utterly powerful—and so intertwined with Mayra—that not one, but two lives may be at risk before the dragons free the weakest members of the Aerie. And finally, have their Revenge.


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