Ta Da – A New Cover!

I’m so happy to release the cover of “Summerbird’s Quest,” which will come out sometime in mid 2018. Thanks so much Adriana Musetti Dávila, for your talented, hard work! This manuscript is completed and I’m in the process of editing it so it might come out earlier (I hope!). Don’t forget, Book 1, “Summerbird’s Rise,” is available now, at it’s reduced price, only $1.99, until “Summerbird’s Quest” is released. You can find it on Amazon here:



2 thoughts on “Ta Da – A New Cover!

  1. There’s supposed to be blue, green, and pink streaks, I sort of see them, but not clearly. Her eyes were almost nothing before, but I had her make them darker green and add her eyebrows in. She is supposed to be looking at him, so I’m letting it go. I’m hoping no one else notices, O Eagle eye.


  2. I like the picture overall; and I like the green streaks in her hair.

    Her eyeline — is she supposed to be looking at the face of the long-haired man, or is she looking at something above his face?


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