Blogging–It’s Not for the Absent-Minded

“OMG, how long since you blogged, Mom?” my daughter screeched at me today.

“I dunno,” I grumbled. “A month?”

“November! You haven’t blogged since November of last year.

She tends toward the dramatic. I mean, that was only…November, December, January… Ok, it’s been a while. But I’ve been busy with my Summerbird sequel, taking Covid tests (I’ve had six, thanks to clinics that require them before they’ll see you), avoiding Covid, getting vaccinations… Staying semi-healthy is exhausting. It also takes up a lot of time.

Soo… it snowed yesterday, last night, today…it’s snowing now. There are three coyotes in our backyard getting snowed on while they scrounge for food. We’re watching them on the security camera. Ho-hum. At least they’re having fun.

Since we moved to the mountains nothing much happens–no robberies, house invasions, murders, thefts. Hey, I can live with that! The coyotes are the most excitement we get here.

This! This is why I haven’t put out a new blog yet! Things are soon freaking boring right now. But I do have another story about half-done that I’ll finish as soon as I post this. It’s an old memory of an old friend named Candis who had a very odd outlook on life. I won’t mention in the blog about her that she has since passed on because I want only her sense of humor to stay with you after you read it. See ya!

4 responses to “Blogging–It’s Not for the Absent-Minded”

  1. Welll….it might be laziness too! But actually, it’s because I’m concentrating on the sequel. If I didn’t have that I’d be driving everyone nuts with blogs every day! Speaking of coyotes,,, our cats like to watch them from the safety of the catio. In their cat heads they must know they’re safe. One might think that’s a sign of intelligence until you see one of said cats run up the ramp, try to go through the wire to get a bird, and bounce back.

      • Thank you! I have one great alpha reader who’s helping me get it going. I love this tale, though it’s a bit long. I hope all those people who say they never want a story to end really mean it! Heehee

  2. O, Debi, I did notice that you’ve been flying under the radar for a while. Still, I didn’t realise that you haven’t posted since November. That is an achievement. In a way, I envy you. To have nothing to do but watch coyotes being snowed on must be so peaceful. Of course, there were the vaccinations and tests in between.
    Good for you! And you work on Summerbird as well as on a short story! That’s great.

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