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Get “Summerbird Rises” for .99— Summerbird must transform her broken magic into the real thing if she’s to save a magical realm from devastation by a formidable creature desperately seeking magic. Her kind of magic.

What some of the reviews are saying!

A magical fantastic tale full of mystery, suspense, intrigue with a touch of Romance twinned in amongst the pages.

…a spritely adventure full of vivid characters and wonderfully imaginatively described settings. 

Coming of age and a destiny unveiled. Magical creatures, visions and foresight come to life in this epic fantasy that is well-crafted with pulling the story elements together.  

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Summerbird is a terrible seer; why try to deny it? She has just enough magic to make living in Isterr–a realm where using magic is a death-inciting crime–hell. She has spent her life hiding her broken spellcraft; when a tiny griffin from magical Emythor visits her, she panics! His sad demeanor and intriguing story of needing her help fail to move her—but the mention of leaving Isterr behind for a life in Emythor captures her attention. As he leaves, the griffin’s parting words are an alluring promise to a young woman desperate to find her lost life—Would you like to learn your magic?

“Summerbird Rises” contains scenes of consensual sex and gory swords-and-magic battles. It is meant for audiences over 18.

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