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Dragon Rings
Enter the world of Ring-Witch Mayra, the magical sentinel for a large clan of powerful, vicious reevers. Mayra is ready to fight when the realm is attacked— until she meets two mysterious males. A Ring-Witch whose icy blue eyes want to make her forget everything else and a dragon who needs her help more than anything ever has— Stop that! You know better than to trust males! Whose side will Mayra take, if any?

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I’m excited to announce I’m part of a promotion absolutely made for my writing passion—strong female characters! “I succeeded in an industry staffed primarily with males. I’m a strong female! I can do this! Yes, there are a couple out there already, but this one will be different!” Those were my words when I began a book about witches and dragons. The female witch would be like me—solitary, a bit salty. She’d live by Rules (hers are different)— Do not try to protect me. Do not allow me to win. Do not treat me like a weak woman. Violate any, and I’ll fry your hair off. All your hair. Don’t mess with this lady!

And the dragons! These wouldn’t be fire-breathing, virgin-eating dragons—well, they once were, but that was long ago. No, these dragons are altruistic, kind, and wise. They created life-altering Dragon Rings for witches to wear, protecting them and enhancing their magic. But someone has pissed them off, and they remember they have teeth and claws!


A realm is invaded. People are massacred in a blue fire that flows like water. Unable to defend themselves, they scream out for help. When Nesht’s powerful Ring-Witches find the intruders, they hide the truth with promises to help. The invaders. How can the king deal with the mass betrayal of his most powerful warriors? How could the Witches change their allegiance in one fell swoop? Ring-Witches owe their magic—their very existence—to beings lost to mythos. Those beings have returned, and the realm won’t have to wait long to meet them. Angry dragons won’t stay hidden for long. Theirs is a dilemma only Ring-Witches can solve, and they won’t ask twice.

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