Dragons are Looking for You!

Gaulte gazes into the distance. The mighty black dragon seeks his mate, Hesta. His Aerie has been attacked, all the females and younglings stolen. When the Prime and other males return, puny blue humans await them, knowing they have the upper hand.

The dragons will do as they’re told. They will help the blue humans attack other humans. Gaulte doesn’t know why these attacks take place. All he can think about are his mate and his younglings. And his youngest, a tiny dragon born with magic unseen for hundreds of years. Yes, he knows why his child was taken. But how does that help him?

Not until he meets Mayra, a powerful Ring-Witch, does life return to him. He touches her, not even knowing what species she is. But her magic entwines with his and he senses the kind of untapped magic that tales are written about. When his mind touches hers, he feels something he thought was lost to him forever. Hope.

Dragon’s Revenge, book 2, The Ring-Witches of Nesht series.

Jump in and find Dragon’s Revenge, the sequel to Dragon Rings. It’s only $.99 until Nov 11. If you haven’t read the first book, grab it at the same price. They won’t be around much longer!

And while you’re there, take a few minutes and look around at all the other fantastic dragon tales!

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