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Happy Middle of the Month New Year. OK, I admit, it’s a bit late to wish everyone a happy New Year. But that’s intentional! I mean, everyone was wishing everyone else, so I figured I’d wait! Now I can ask how the new year is going so far, and you might actually think about it, right? All two or so weeks about it!

I’m so happy to welcome new subscribers. I live in the mountains of northern-ish New Mexico, USA, with hubby and daughter and our eight cats, who are terribly spoiled indoor babies who have their own catio. I have an off-kilter way of looking at the world that finds its way into my books. If you skip back to My Home, you’ll find all my quirky, funny, or even informative posts. I’d love to hear from you!

And that leads me to my books. I can get lost in worldbuilding and populating those worlds with every kind of being my imagination can produce. I have many friends on Facebook–my account–who I enjoy interacting with to discuss my plots and characters, as well as getting input on new ones. Any idea we discuss, and I use, will get an acknowledgment in that book, as well as a free e-copy. I mean, who wouldn’t want to acknowledge ideas that make my books shine?!

The Future– I have books lined up waiting to be completed and edited. One is a time-travel romance (needs an ending and editing). Another is alien-driven; however, there’s a twist I haven’t seen out there in book-land yet (not happy with what I have planned so far; we’ll see what happens). Another is a romantic mystery (completed, just needs editing). And through that, I’ll be working on the third book in Summerbird and the Otter’s world, as well as Mayra, Wolfe, Gaulte, and the baby dragons. Both are planned out and started. So much planning! You can see what’s available so far, here.

That’s it for now. Hope I hear from you, I love comments from readers, even the bad ones, as long as you’re willing to discuss the issue! See you in your imagination!


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