Where is All this Family Coming From? Oh… Him.

A woman contacted me online a few months ago asking questions about my mom. So, being cautious/curious, I looked her up on Facebook. She had a friendly, family-oriented FB profile/page and didn’t look like she escaped from any institutions or other locked-up places. And she was warm, exuberant, and a little nutty–like me. I’ll call her B. She knows who she is. So, we kept talking, and she told me she thought she might be my half-aunt. Say What? I don’t even know what that is. She explained some more, and gradually, I began to understand that I might have had a really friendly grandfather. Ah…yes. So, as we became pen pals (ancient word meaning textfriend), she introduced me to another woman, who was also possibly my half-aunt. And I’m thinking, who was this guy? Do I have more halvsies out there, uncles and aunts, and who knows what else? I’ll call her P, ditto on knowing. It’s fun to talk with her too. She eventually asked me if I ever did a DNA test. She and B use Ancestry®; I believe that’s how they found each other. I did one a while back, but it was with a Brand X-ish company. P asked if I’d do one if she paid, and, being surprised, I agreed. Why not? My mom has passed, but she’d be thrilled to have siblings. And I suspect she wouldn’t have been surprised to find out how friendly her dad was. But who cares? That’s in the far-gone past, and all that matters to me is that I have more relatives! And I admire him. He was a good-looking guy who got around. So far, though, only females have surfaced. But I heard there might also be a man out there who isn’t too happy to learn about all these discoveries. I’m sorry he feels that way. We can’t change the past, but we can forgive it and embrace new relatives. And the News! I got my results back today, and I have two new aunties. I don’t care if they’re half at all. This is so exciting, and although we were already having fun as pen pals, it’s going to be more fun chatting with them, knowing we’re related. I now have a whole new world of family members, whereas before, I had them only on my dad’s side. I’m looking forward to long chats. We aren’t close to each other geographically, and I can’t travel any longer, but there’s always texting and Zooming! BTW, Ancestry® and other good DNA products often have sales. I recommend trying it. It’s a fascinating look into your past, and you might also get some surprises, as I did. I can’t explain it, but it makes me feel warm and mushy knowing these ladies are my mom’s long-wished-for sisters. So don’t miss your chance to go for it!

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