“Summerbird Rises” a Freebie to Welcome Her Sequel

With the sequel Summerbird’s Quest on its way to the Interwebs, it’s the perfect time to grab a free copy of Summerbird Rises and find out just how Summerbird went from a timid future-teller to a bewildered magic wielder who even the powerful Fey are starting to fear.

Feeling more composed, Summerbird was about to call in her last future-seeker when she heard a slight, scratchy wheeze. Alarmed, she rose quickly to her feet, looking around her, then under the table and chairs.

Something must be in this room—but again, she found nothing.

Orkey was still in the bedroom. Thank the Goddess the little cat hadn’t ever made a nasty sound like—

A silvery glimmer of light materialized on her table. Summerbird straightened and gasped. The wheeze turned into a cough as a small, vertical line appeared next to the incense burner. The incense smoke coiled and gathered around the line, darkening it. As the smoke spread out, the darker area split open—

Something was emerging.

Summerbird sank back into her chair and sat frozen. Her eyes were huge on the glittering line hanging in midair, a hand’s width above her table. She dimly realized she had caught her breath. She gasped but was still so frightened; she could scarcely breathe.

The line shivered as the smoke spun and fused around it, then settled over a slowly materializing form. A tiny, taloned paw appeared, followed by a white-feathered leg.

Summerbird’s entire body was so rigid her muscles were aching. The shimmering line moved again—

A head emerged, followed by feathery shoulders.

At two and twenty, Summerbird has spent the last eight years desperately trying to be the best inept seer she can. Despite working to hide her fractured magic, sometimes it leaks out. And in a realm where spellwork gets you a death sentence faster than any crime, wouldn’t you know she’s caught the eye of a high-ranking village guard? Her lack of talent is usually Goddess sent since there’s the ever-looming threat that guards might catch and jail Summerbird—or even execute her. When she’s visited by a tiny, grumpy griffin, she’s frantic to get rid of him. But he’s not going anywhere until she hears him out. He needs her for a task that involves highborn Fey and the evil sorcerer who compromised their magic. Why would she agree to such a mad thing? Does she have a choice? No. As the griffin leaves her, his parting words are an irresistible lure to a young woman desperate to learn why she was taken from the magical realm of her birth—would you like to learn your magic? Summerbird should have remembered the Fey offer nothing without strings. The griffin’s intriguing words set her on a path to learning who—and what—she really is.

As Summerbird struggles to transform her broken magic into the real thing, she sees and hears things that make her wonder why she’s really here. Once she makes her new home in the Fey palace, truths begin to emerge. The griffin never told Summerbird she might have to join a battle to save the magical realm. And he certainly never mentioned something has crawled up from the depths of the evil Dark Drift, killing as it desperately seeks magic. Summerbird’s kind of magic. What life-altering secrets did her grandfather hide from her? And why did he leave her with a well-used green-crystal ball and the words, “This is your legacy. Forget whatever you see in it.”

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