I am a military brat who became a military wife. That sort of says it all. For those reasons, I am flexible, adaptable, aloof, and hard to get to know. But I’m a loyal friend, a hard worker, very supportive of rules and regulations, and a great lover of all people who make their living in a uniform. We don’t appreciate our military, police, and firefighters enough, but neither do we support our mail delivery or fast food workers.

I was born in Alabama, started school in Okinawa (before we returned it to Japan) moved every year afterward, and finished school in Japan. I married in Japan and became a military wife. One child was born in Virginia and the other in Alaska. What fun!

I worked for the federal government until I took an early retirement. Most of those years were spent with the Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Agency, in Emergency Management. As I have been an avid writing ever since I could write, I ended up writing! Plans, procedures, interpretations of federal law, exercises, drills… and on and on, I loved it! Yes, it sounds tedious and dull, and probably most people thought it was, but I was never happier than when creating the written word, especially words that told others what to do and how to do it!

It was only logical that when I retired, I returned to working on several manuscripts I had in the wings. By now, I had decided to go with e-publishing, as I was tired of the big-house rejections I had received through the years, and it seemed the best idea was to let the readers determine if they wanted to read me! So, at this time, I have published two e-books and am now working on a “Book 2” for each of those books.

I am a cat person, through and through. I have seven cats, two were born in our living room, one is a rescue, and the others are all foster failures. For those who don’t know what that is: we foster kittens for the city until they are ready to be altered, and adopted out. Four of our kits never got to that last part. After their surgeries, they came back home with us, and have been here ever since. We enjoy them, they are fun and entertaining to watch, if a pain to feed. No one likes the same things at the same time.

I’ve started oil painting again after a few… after many years away. It’s much more enjoyable now that I have the time. I’m still taking classes; they’re fun and informative. I love painting trees and rocks. Guess I live in the perfect place for that–High Desert.

So, that’s all for now in a nutshell, as I discover more to share about me, I’ll be back!

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