Fantasy worlds. Magical inhabitants. Timeless battles between Good and Evil.

Books by Debi Ennis Binder

Summerbird Rises –
Book 1, An Act of Entreaty

“Summerbird Rises” by Debi Ennis Binder

“Summerbird Rises” begins the tale of Summerbird Asii, an inept young seer, who has spent her young life hiding her fractured magic. In a land where laws strictly prohibit magic, she has a flair for dull, common-sense and useless futures—unless her client is going to die very soon. Unless she wants is to be jailed or even executed, she is forced to let destiny continue on. When a tiny griffin appears in Summerbird's home, needing a favor, things will never be the same for her. His request is simple—rescue several highborn Fey—the inhabitants of mystical Emythor—whose magic has been compromised. How? Perhaps by an evil mage who really doesn’t want her to interfere with his plans. Has Summerbird a choice? You don’t…but first, do you want to learn your magic? Follow the young seer as she learns who–and what–she really is, and why her Grandfather left her in a non-magical world with a well-used green-crystal ball, and the words, “This is your legacy. Forget anything you see in it.”



Dragon’s Revenge –
Book 1. The Ring-Witches of Nesht

Dragon Rings – Book 1 of the Ring-Witches of Nesht

Something dark and terrible is attacking the lands of Nesht, bringing death and ruin in the night and then vanishing back into the cold mists of the mountains. Ring-Witches, Mayra and Wolfe, are investigating, but now something is seeking them out. Large and powerful, it is capable of bringing scorching, mind-rending pain to the two Witches, and then despairingly apologizing for it. When Mayra finds a huge, bloodstained talon, she finally knows what is trying to connect with them…a Dragon…but why?  “Dragon Rings” is the first in a series of tales that starts with the restoration of an ancient affinity between Ring-Witches and dragons. Mayra and Wolfe, powerful witches, must overcome unknown enemies and betrayal from within to save the great black dragon, Gaulte, and the males of his Clan from slavery at the hands of their evil captors. But freeing the dragons is just the beginning, for Mayra and Wolfe and their small but fierce assembly of witches learn that there are some things worth more than a life, and causes that even dragons will die for.



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