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Free Books—A Strong Female Lead! Still Going Strong!


Are you Ready For—

Free Fantasy Books with Strong Female Main Characters

I can’t believe how much fun this promotion is! Books with women as the strong protagonist have been skyrocketing in popularity over the last few years, and you only need to go through the free books offered in this promotion to realize why. The pure talent of these writers is off the charts! I highly recommend you follow my lead—download each free book and put them high on your TBR list. (Umm…that’s To Be Read…)

And now, I’d like to tell you a bit more about my book, Dragon Rings!

Dragon Rings is the first of two books (so far) that starts with an investigation of terrible acts of destruction but quickly turns into rekindling an ancient affinity between Ring-Witches and dragons. Neither can turn away from their connection—the enhanced magic of wrist Rings created by the dragons for only the most powerful witches, those able to control and use them.

Mayra is a daunting young Ring-Witch, raised in the harsh, nomadic world of reevers, the king’s formidable enforcers. The reevers fear her position and her power, and like most men, she doesn’t care much for them—they don’t bathe enough and eat like pigs. Wolfe is a Ring-Witch in hiding and a highly effective assassin. He has a job to do and doesn’t plan to be distracted by anything, let alone a diminutive, elfin Ring-Witch. And Gaulte, the mighty black dragon, is the Prime of his Aerie. He and his dragons are enthralled by a terrible device that fills them with shocking pain at the whim of their captors. Forced to comply by the threat to their females and nestlings, the dragons are ridden by evil humans who kill and ravage seemingly without cause.

Declaring an uneasy truce, Mayra and Wolfe investigate the ongoing—and very puzzling—destruction. How can something be formidable enough to incinerate entire villages and tracts of forests, slaughtering people and animals, yet leave behind massive amounts of valuable gold and jewels? What do these savage invaders want? The two start to hear and feel a large, powerful presence in their heads as they investigate—but it refuses to show itself. When they probe, it brings scorching, mind-rending pain to Mayra—and then inconsolably apologizes for its actions! When Mayra finds a huge, bloodstained talon, she finally knows what that destructive force is—a dragon. A creature so long unseen they are a myth.  

Once upon a time, dragons treasured witches as allies and friends. What has changed? Why are they attacking humans? Mayra and Wolfe must learn the truth to stop a war the humans cannot possibly win. But joining the dragons would be more than just betraying their king, it could mean their deaths. For Mayra and Wolfe and their small, fierce assembly of witches have learned that there are some things worth more than life. There are some causes even mighty dragons will die for.

Scroll down and find your copy of Dragon Rings. While you’re there, please take some time to enjoy the other free books—a gift from great authors and their Strong Women. You’re going to love them!

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The king has sent the Kioreu Clan of reevers to hunt down and kill what is responsible for the mysterious and deadly attacks on the kingdom. Ring-Witch Mayra meets—and is annoyingly attracted to—dark, mysterious Wolfe, despite believing he isn’t who or what he claims to be. She questions his presence so near the latest destruction site. What does he know about the unknown predators? Why does being near him make her feel so peculiar? And could he know anything about the eerie voice she has started hearing in her head? Wolfe, a Ring-Witch in hiding, has good reason to be near the last attacked site, but he isn’t going to share his mission. But as they must be, his plans are soon thrown to the wind. First, by the haunting voice, he hears in his head, and then by a diminutive, elfin Ring-Witch. Gaulte and the males of his Aerie survive on dreams of the blue humans releasing the magical reins holding them captive—for then they would die with one terrible bite! Meanwhile, the dragons sleep and reserve their energy. Until one day, Gaulte’s mind touches an astonishingly spirited creature—by the Great White Dragon. It is a female human brimming with magic. Could she have the strength to help him escape and save his Aerie? When the two witches finally come face-to-face with the dragon, three lives are set on a course that will forever alter the futures of witches and dragons.
Click here for your free copy of Dragon Rings

One little note I’d like to add—the Rings worn by Ring-Witches aren’t simple metal bands. They’re placed on the wrists of children by a medical procedure. You’ll have to read the book to learn how it’s done, but I’ve heard from a few readers that it made them squirm!

Enjoy a Free Peek at “Summerbird Rises”


The publication of Summerbird’s Quest, Book Two of An Act of Entreaty, looms on the horizon. In this epic fantasy, you’ll meet familiar characters, as well as new ones in new surroundings. Summerbird and her friends face terrifying experiences as they join Treaty in defending their world from a formidable evil being–a creature that has finally found the magic it seeks in the land and people of magical Emythor.

I promise you’ll enjoy it more if you read Book One first! Scroll down for a free preview, then purchase the book for only .99, where it will remain until Summerbird’s Quest is published when it returns to its usual price of $2.99.


Mouse in the House and other News


It’s mouse season again. We have several cats… well, a couple more than several, so one would think the mice could smell or sense them throughout the house, but they don’t seem to learn. Take the night before last…

Our daughter came running through the house in the wee hours of the morning and awakened me (I’m nearest the door), as she ran into our bathroom. I’m too groggy to even wonder why—she has her own bathroom, plus another in between the two. But anyway, she says, “Wally has a mouse!” So she freed the poor beast, chased off her cat, and locked the mouse in our bathroom. Thank you, dear. To make it better, she traps the creature under a bowl in our bathtub. And she goes back to bed, leaving me staring at the ceiling wondering what to do. Because Wally, being a clever young cat, knows his legally gained mouse is in that bathroom. So he starts scratching on the door. And scratching. I wish I had that much stamina.

What happens to most people awakened in the middle of the night? Yes—mother nature calls. Now, how do I get into the bathroom while fighting off the nimble SuperMouser, Wally? It would have been more than fair to shout across the house to daughter, “Come get your cat!” But at that time of the morning, I didn’t think of that. I grab my slipper to fight off Wally, who though not the youngest cat in the house, is the smallest. The little guy is also the most timid, but he worked hard for that mouse! Note: all he’ll do is play with it, we have only one mouse-eater, Cookie. But Wally seemed emboldened. He earned that mouse! He backs off when I approach the door and doesn’t try to get in. I do my business, block the door with my foot, close it, and return to bed. Mouse is still in bathtub under bowl.

The next morning, daughter reports the details of the midnight marauder, Wally, plus how she trapped the poor, terrified, cowering mouse under the bowl. We both look to hubby/father to remove said mouse. As he wanders toward the back, he asks what kind of bowl it’s in. He’s still half-asleep too. “The only bowl in the bathtub,” I call back. “The one with the mouse under it.”

With the mouse let go outside (where it scurried away), life returns to normal—but what’s normal in a house full of cats?

We have two cats who hate each other. Fred is ours; Riker belongs to our daughter. From the first day she moved in with him, these two refused to breathe the same air. There have been scuffles, hissing, growling—all leading up to yesterday, when they had a momentous, and really loud, fight that lasted from one end of the house to the other, then outside to the catio. Riker, normally the timid kitty, handed Fred his fluffy white tail on a platter. Riker came running back in with a mouthful of white fur. It was awful. There was so much white fur in the living room it looked like we’d been shearing sheep in there. We’ll probably have to take both to the vets tomorrow to get them looked over, neither is acting normal (that word again), but I hope this is what it took for them to at least respect each other’s air!

I’m working steadily on “Summerbird’s Quest.” the sequel to “Summerbird Rises.” I’m beginning to realize it might be a bit too long. But isn’t that what Epic Fantasy is all about? Our intrepid travelers (the Quest part of the title) will meet a tragically cursed woman who turns into a savage monster to eat, a plant that also wants to eat them, an evil despot who doesn’t want to eat them, but definitely wants to kill them–wait, back up, I forgot about the troll, ditto—kill and eat. Plus the wolves, the giant birds… Thank goodness for the enchanted Riddle Tree—and Hanne Holten’s magnificent riddle—whereby he tries to trick them, cagey tree. Oh, and as they reach their destination, a river tries to drown them! That’s a lot of epics to describe! And I’m having too much fun to try to cut any scenes. They’re all important! We’ll see what my alpha readers have to say.

After SQ is finished, I’m leaving fantasy for a hand at science fiction/fantasy. And then, I’m going to finally finish and edit a time-travel romance set in now/then Louisiana and do a final edit on a completed mystery romance set in 19th century Virginia. I’m looking forward to branching out. If I can struggle through all that and not give in—I have a sequel started for the “An Act of Entreaty” books (where Summerbird isn’t the main character) and one started for the “Ring-Witches of Nesht” series, with Mayra, Wolfe, their kids, and young dragons who are growing up.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Summerbird Rises… Again

Book One of An Act of Entreaty

Summerbird Rises is my favorite book. No, that’s an understatement. I LOVE this book of mine–the characters, the tale, their struggles, and even the way telling the tale took me into a sequel. And of course, there’s a reason why. I came up with the name “Summerbird” when I was 11. During that summer, I created the world where she lived, and started writing, in longhand, her story. During the following years, through my father going to Viet Nam, me spending 8th grade at three different schools, separated from my siblings, my parent’s divorce, and then my father’s remarriage to a terrible bully of a harridan when I was 13, life went on. I wrote and wrote. It was my world, my escape mechanism, and kept me from acting out, I believe. Of course, at 11, I couldn’t create what adults would want to read, but it still surprises me how much of my original world remains in what became the book.

For those who haven’t read the book, Summerbird Asii is 24 when her tale begins. She’s attractive, petite, with long, blond hair and big green eyes, and fiercely hides her intelligence. She’s grumpy, even bitter, about her lot in life, because she’s in an unfortunate position–she’s trapped in a mundane (nonmagical) realm called Isterr, where she lives in a small cottage with her little black cat, and scarcely makes a living as a seer. She’s aware, and resentful of the fact, that she was born in another realm, magical Emythor, where the Fey live, and has no idea why she was left in Isterr by her grandfather. She does occasionally see the truth in her crystal ball but can’t reveal it, or she could face some draconian punishment. Magic is so prohibited, one can be imprisoned just because a neighbor thinks they heard you doing magic, as Summerbird discovers. And be executed if the Elders decide she is magical. So, when a tiny griffin visits her, she panics. What’s she supposed to do with a griffin in her home? And it gets no better when the griffin reveals that he wants to take her back to Emythor, where she must perform a task for him. Free several highborn lords who were trapped in Isterr by an evil sorcerer. Before she throws him out–what have the magical Fey ever done for her??–she thinks it over. She tells the griffin she’ll do it, but only if the Fey let her and her cat live in Emythor.

Miffin Griffin is happy she isn’t laughing about his name and outraged that she has a demand before she’ll perform the rescue for him. Miffin is also grumpy and gruff, but that’s him naturally, all the time. One also should pick up quickly that he’s lying to Summerbird, though about what, exactly, he doesn’t reveal right away. The griffin is a consistent character throughout the book; he’s not at all what he seems to be, as are several of those she encounters.

But Summerbird also meets Treaty. Treaty, one will eventually figure out (I hope) is an alien that came to the planet quite a while back and learned there were two native there–the humankind and the Elementals. Within the humankind those with magic, whom Treaty names the Fey, and those who without, who don’t get their own designation, and who hate the Fey. Treaty obviously prefers the Fey, for they’re more like him. He unbelievably powerful, a golden, non-corporeal being who is kind, altruistic, and loves the humankind and the Elementals. All he wants is for everyone to be happy, for him to at last have found a home where he can help the natives improve themselves. But of course, nothing is ever that easy. The evil thing that threatens Treaty and the Fey has one objective–to consume all the magic he can get his nasty hands on and enslave the world. And she meets the Otter, who is one beautiful, mysterious hunk of a magical man. He might step in and out of her life so often it makes her crazy, but her magic knows her mate when it meets him. If only she could get him to stay put.

Basically, Summerbird Rises is a tale of a young woman learning what she’s capable of, gradually discovering who she can trust (hint–it’s not many), and that whatever she wants out of life, she’s going to have to fight for. And that’s another reason I love it. It’s so much like my own life–learning the hard way who to trust and not, figuring out what I wanted from life and going for it, and learning there are a lot of people in life who can get whatever they want with a minimum of effort, but I’m not one of them! And neither is Summerbird. She wants a man, yep, the Otter is going to be hers. Wants to fight the bad guy, no one is going to stop her. Wants to figure out why everyone is withholding information or outright lying to her–well, perhaps she should have left that one alone.

I’ve started the final edit of Summerbird’s Quest, which will not only answer many of her questions, but will set Summerbird on the path of her destiny. And it’s so much more than she could ever have thought it might be. Summerbird Rises is on sale for .99 at these online retailers:

“Dragon Rings” is on Sale!


With an exciting new cover and new content, “Dragon Rings” in on sale now for .99! Get it now and save $2.

Something dark and terrible is striking in the night, bringing death and devastation to peaceable Nesht, then vanishing back into the surrounding mountains. Ring-Witches Mayra and Wolfe join uneasy forces to investigate. How can something so formidable and destructive obliterate villages, kill people, yet leave behind valuable gold and jewels? What do these savage invaders want? A large, powerful presence makes itself known, but it refuses to show itself. When Mayra probes, it brings her scorching, mind-rending pain, and then inconsolably apologizes for its actions! Mayra finds a huge, bloodstained talon, and she finally knows their foe—a dragon. So long unseen they are now a myth, why have they returned to Nesht? Mayra and Wolfe quickly learn that there are some things worth more than a life. Some causes that even mighty dragons will die for.

“Dragon Rings”is also available on B&N; Kobo; B&T; Tolino, and other online marketplaces, as an ebook, or paperback.


If you liked “Dragon Rings” be sure to pick up the sequel, “Dragon’s Revenge” and find out what happens when our Ring-Witches set out to help the mighty Prime dragon, Gaulte, find his missing mate and younglings. When they learn that what was stolen from the dragons could destroy the dragons and humans alike, Mayra and Wolfe have to decide if their lives and those of their fellow Witch-Warriors are worth risking, just to save one small, damaged dragonling.

“Dragon’s Revenge’ is also available on B&N; Kobo; B&T; Tolino, and other online marketplaces, as an ebook, or paperback.

Self-Quarantined? I'd Like to Invite You to Read Books One and Two from an Epic Fantasy Series


The first two books from my series, The Ring-Witches of Nesht, Dragon Rings and Dragon’s Revenge are on sale through 04/04/2020, for .99 each! And as always, both are free on KU.

Something dark and terrible is striking unseen in the night, bringing death and ruin to the peaceable lands of Nesht, and then vanishing back into the cold mists of the surrounding mountains. Two powerful Ring-Witches, Mayra and Wolfe, join uneasy forces to investigate the ongoing—and very puzzling—destruction. How can something be formidable enough to incinerate entire villages and tracts of forests, slaughtering people and animals, yet leave behind massive amounts of valuable gold and jewels? What do these savage invaders want? As they investigate, they hear and feel a large, powerful presence—but it refuses to show itself. When they probe, it brings scorching, mind-rending pain to Mayra—and then inconsolably apologizes for its actions! When Mayra finds a huge, bloodstained talon, she finally knows what that destructive force is—a dragon. A creature so long unseen they are a myth. Once upon a time, dragons treasured witches as allies. What has changed? Why are they attacking humans? Mayra and Wolfe must learn the truth and stop a war the humans cannot possibly win. But joining the dragons would be more than just betraying their king, it could mean their deaths. For Mayra and Wolfe and their small, fierce assembly of witches learn that there are some things worth more than a life. Some causes that even mighty dragons will die for.

Powerful Ring-Witches, Mayra and Wolfe have fled their kingdom, accompanied by their witch-warrior friends, escaping with the dragons they rescued. But once they reach the dragon’s cold homeland, they find an empty Aerie. Where are the dragon females and the younglings? Barely do the witches have time to rest before they are winging their way to rescue the stolen dragons—but this one is challenging from the beginning. The witches quickly find themselves trapped in a vast system of caverns with Hagan, an evil, fanatical dragon. With his helpers—a greedy shapeshifter and a wrathful gnome, he has stolen something precious from the dragons and hidden it away. Mayra is running out of time. If she doesn’t wrest a powerful talisman from Hagan’s control before he can use it, he will take control of all the noble dragons that Mayra loves. Hagan threatens to kill his hostages—the female dragons and their tiny offspring, unless Mayra leaves him to collect his terrible treasure from its hiding place. Can Mayra and Wolfe rescue the dragons—large and small—and the talisman before Hagan and his irrational accomplices destroy all that the mighty dragons hold dearest to them? It won’t be as easy this time, for Hagan, a wielder of dark dragon magic, dares the humans to battle him—the most savagely horrific dragon ever hatched.

“Summerbird Rises”


I have just reissued “Summerbird Rises” with a new beginning and pages of new content. If you own the book, delete it from your library and download it again.

If you haven’t gotten it, you are missing a magical tale that tells of a young woman raised in the wrong non-magical realm who is returned to her birthplace to learn the powerful elemental magic she should have been taught as a child. Summerbird has spent a lifetime hiding her inept magic; she quickly realizes that she needs more than new magic to survive the formidable and scheming inhabitants of her new home. Not to mention the evil abomination that suddenly threatens that realm. Can she find the resilience and courage to face a being that shouldn’t exist? She’s been alone almost all her life. She never expected to find friends, even a family, and now must protect them while completing a daunting task. And perhaps afterward, she’ll find time for some revenge.

What are Dragon Rings?


For those who suggested that I had not emphasized the basis of my series, The Ring-Witches of Nesht, that is, Enhancement Rings, I agree. It’s time we know more about the symbiotic nature of these ancient tools. Rings are earned as children, and are worn by Mayra and Wolfe, the primary Ring-Witches of this series, as well as all the witch-warriors. But those wearing the Rings actually know little about them. What are Enhancement Rings? Where did they come from? As Mayra and Wolfe find each other and battle to free the dragons, they soon realize they don’t know the dark side of their Rings; in fact, that know very little at all about their purpose.

The following bit of conversation between Mayra and her warlord/father-figure/mentor, Leisher–shortly before he utterly betrays her–explains what she knows of the Rings she wears. It is far from all there is to know.

“…the Rings are for enhancement of power. The Guild doesn’t give them where magic doesn’t exist, nor do they strengthen one. Anything you see me do, I could do without them. But the Rings do make magic possible with much less effort.” Her eyebrows drew together. “If they do add anything, it is swiftness and precision in using magic.”

And later: “Our magic is based upon being one with and using, nature and the elements. Secondary magic, which is physical, hands-on incantations, relies upon knowledge of herbs and plants, and some alchemy. Enhancement Rings are given to a child once they have been taught all that the Guild can teach them…”

She ran a finger across her Ring and shivered. The gesture was no longer entirely soothing. Wolfe had shown her another, sensual side of her Rings, one she was certain she wished to explore further. Her instructors had never told her that being touched by a male with Rings—and a certain gleam in his eyes—could make her feel as though she were on fire inside.

She glanced at Leisher. He was waiting quietly. The next part—she wasn’t sure she wanted to convey it, nor the warlord to hear it, but she took a deep breath.

“Inside are minuscule filaments, of various lengths and as fine as hair. The Guild Healer cuts our wrists open across here,”—she drew her finger across her inner wrist—“and the filaments are fused with nerves. They then grow into the nerves throughout our bodies. Supposedly, if someone should remove the Rings, the loss will kill the person. After a month or so, we have healed enough to start learning to use and control the Rings. I didn’t—”

She looked up and stopped short. Leisher—his face pale and pinched—stared at her with something akin to horror in his dark eyes. He was hardly aware that he was clenching his hands into huge fists.

“I-I never would have allowed that to happen to anyone I cared about.” His voice was strained and hoarse. “How can it be expected that you will forget—carry on life after enduring such a thing?”

“Leisher, you cannot understand,” she began gently. “From the day we are given over to the Sorcery Guild, we are told every day what will happen. After a while, it’s a part of growing up, as you know you will get taller, your feet will get bigger”—she gave him a quick grin—“it’s just something that will happen to us.”

Leisher’s large hands closed around her small ones as he stared down at their arms. Lights glimmered off his gold and leather wrist guards as he reached out a cautious finger and touched a small, flat, coin-shaped piece of metal at the top outer Ring

She poured more tea for them and continued: “Ring lore says the bands are symbiotic. That hasn’t been proven, but somehow, they can refuse the person they are supposed to bond with.” A smile lifted one corner of her lips. “The nightmare of a new Ring-Witch. So, now you know the very basics about a person who can turn a thought into action.”

But that is far from all that Mayra eventually learns about her Rings, and how they are part of dragons and their lore. You will find more about the mythos of Dragon Rings in Dragon Rings. The story of Mayra and Wolfe and the dragons continues in Dragon’s Revenge.

You can find both books here Dragon’s Revenge (The Ring-Witches of Nesht Book 2) eBook: Debi Ennis Binder: Kindle Store

Thank You!


Thanks to all who downloaded a free ebook copy of “Summerbird Rises” this past weekend. I hope you love Summerbird and her world as much as I do. I am hard at work on TWO sequels:

#2 – “Summerbird’s Quest” is the adventure Summerbird and her friends have have been awaiting, yet some dreading, since Summerbird first arrived in Emythor and started learning her magic. The party’s goal is to locate Treaty: an all-powerful entity some of the travelers aren’t even certain still exists. As they travel, they encounter a cursed woman who becomes a monstrosity to eat; an enchanted tree who tells riddles with unsettling answers; pale-skinned lake denizens of folklore; a vile troll who dines on travelers; and a psychopathic old liege who has imprisoned a revenge-seeking dragon. Worse still, every step of the way they are tormented by an ancient and familiar evil creature that hungers to consume Emythor and its magics. I hate to use the “nothing is as it seems” to describe this book, but—even I have to say, NOTHING EVER WAS IT SEEMED!!

#3 – _”The Dark Odes of Peregrim” takes places in a different area of Emythor. You finally get to meet the Learned Recluse and get to travel through the Garden (where Treaty “lives”) often mentioned in the previous two books. But the Garden does not exist alone, for it, too, guards something. Beyond and yet magically within the Garden, lies the mystical land of Peregrim, and Mourshyn, the Riven Land. Mourshyn, a land renounced by Peregrim, is forbidden to the Garden. Despite the trade enjoyed with Peregrim, magic is not welcome in Mourshyn. It wishes only to be left alone, stagnant in time. And such a land—isolated and hostile—is a perfect target for anything seeking to bring conflict to the Fey. Beautiful, dark, verdant Peregrim is ruled by the Lord of the Peregrim, the Guardian of the Garden—Ránulf ai’Wryth. He is a quiet, steadfast warrior who is bound to the Garden, a ferocious Guardian who condemns those of Mourshyn as uncivilized brutes. Clariss de’Oriste, Mourshyn’s unexpectedly young Learned Recluse, is far from an uncivilized brute. When she takes another’s punishment, she is taken to the Peregrim to save her life. When Clariss awakens and meets Ránulf, sparks fly. These two must overcome a lifetime of mistrust if they are to even be civil to one another. But Clariss is not what she seems. No sooner do Ránulf and Clariss learn of her connections to Peregrim than they find themselves caught up in a fear-fraught entreaty from Treaty and the King and Queen of Emythor—something malevolent has found its way into Mourshyn and its evil is already spreading out over the land, threatening Peregrim and even Emythor.  

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