A Great New Promo with my Dragons!

My Dragons books on sale for .99 each! And a link to a chapter from each book below!

To all my friends and readers–Thanks so much for standing by me! I took a couple of months off after the unexpected passing of my dear hubby. I’m slowly pulling myself back together. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart to those who sent me kind words. They helped a lot.

It’s great to be back to doing promos! After life slaps you upside the head, you shake it off, and life goes on. And this seemed like a good place to start–a promo with my Dragons books on sale for .99 each! And something a little different! I’ve included a link to a chapter from each book below. Enjoy!

Something has invaded your lands, scorching the forests and villages and slaughtering your kind before disappearing into the night. Sent to find and kill the invaders, Ring-Witch Mayra finds something utterly unexpected—a dragon. He fills her mind with searing, mind-rending pain while desperately apologizing. And yet, she sensed his soul. Something has him helplessly enthralled. Dragons. Their presence will start a war the Ring-Witches cannot win. Will she—can she—destroy them as commanded? Or will Mayra betray her kingdom and jeopardize her new mate to free them? Is she prepared to lose everything, gambling on the truth of arcane mythos? Did dragons forge a link with witches by gifting them the mystical Rings they wear? Or is it all a ruse by a mighty Prime Dragon to take back what dragons once ruled—the beautiful realm of Nesht?

Ring-Witches Mayra and Wolfe and Prime dragon Gaulte have led their followers from Nesht and into the icy north mountains where dragon aeries are found. A hard search and new allies locate the stolen female dragons and younglings in a deep cavern, a place filled with death and nightmares—mysterious, irrational humans. A savagely mad and malevolent dragon. But worst of all is a stolen talisman—an evil thing only a wielder of dark dragon magic can use. And to do so, he must kill a baby dragon.  

Try a chapter!


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