“Summerbird Rises” Sweet Promo!

What a fantastic promo! I’ve never seen so many books about the women we love to read about and cheer for and hope for and just want them to find whatever they seek in life, be it power, magic, a mate–

Wow! I had to catch my breath. Because that’s exactly what I hoped for Summerbird as she finds herself in a bewildering predicament of “can’t use her magic” to being inundated with the stuff! She was born in magical Emythor and dumped in mundane Isterr by her grandfather when she was a toddler, but who wants to die by letting anyone else know? She’s now a foreseer in a realm where using magic is an offence that can get a person killed. She can’t tell anyone what she really sees in her small crystal ball, but at least she makes enough money for her and Orkey, her cat, to live on.

When a stuffy griffin visits Summerbird in her cottage and spouts some intriguing facts and promises, she can’t help but long to leave Isterr. When he tells her that if she helps him in Emythor, he’ll teach her magic, how can she say no? And off she goes– No, she doesn’t even make it out of Isterr before she’s attacked. Not even the haughty griffin expected that!

One of the reasons I enjoyed writing about Summerbird is how she changes from a meek, frightened young woman into a force to be reckoned with when she gets her claws. You’ll have to read the book to figure out what that means! When she finally does cross into Emythor, she loses the veil her grandfather placed on her to keep her hidden, and that’s one of my favorite scenes. She realizes she looks a lot like something she’s very fond of, and she isn’t happy about it. So, I’m sharing it with you below.

With the sequel, “Summerbird’s Quest” coming out hopefully next month, this is a chance to read the book that started it all. I hope you’ll find Summerbird and her odd assortment of family and friends endearing, comforting, annoying, frustrating, loving, and all the other things I did while creating them!

Summerbird’s New Countenance


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