Fantasy worlds. Magical inhabitants. Timeless battles between Good and Evil.

Works in Progress

Coming in late 2020

Summerbird Asii, removed from her land of Isterr by a griffin, has survived the swiftest, most bewildering round of magic instruction ever provided a young woman. And just like that—she is expected to use her magic to protect herself and others? In a word—yes. And off she goes, striking out on a quest where no one really even knows what the questors are searching for. Emythor is a mystical land created by Treaty, an endlessly powerful entity, as a refuge for the Fey from the savage humans. Once peaceful, a ruthlessly evil entity now hungers to consume Emythor and its magics. But Summerbird has attracted an evil mage who has plans to take over Emythor and make her his queen. Summerbird sets off on the journey with a group of powerful beings, guided by an enigmatic thief with dangerous secrets and questionable loyalties. What is she to make of a man who shows far too much interest in her and who seems to work deep magic while hiding that ability from the others with fierce determination. While traveling, they will encounter a cursed woman who becomes a monstrosity to eat; an enchanted tree that tells riddles; mysterious lake denizens with their own agenda; a vile troll who dines on travelers; and a psychopathic old liege who has imprisoned a revenge-seeking dragon. On a long and treacherous journey where nothing is what it seems, Summerbird learns that her destiny, utterly entwined with the thief and his devastating secrets, is far more life-changing than the once-lonely seer could ever have imagined. For she alone must find the strength and courage to defeat the evil creature that threatens both Emythor and Isterr, even when it takes on a final form that nearly renders her powerless.


Coming out in 2021

Deep within the magical lands of Emythor lies a small castle, Darkleaf. Darkleaf shields the Garden, home of the powerful entity, Treaty. But what protects them all? Beyond and yet magically beneath the Garden, lie two Fey worlds—the dark, mystical lands of Peregrim, and the Riven Land, Mourshyn. Mourshyn, renounced by Peregrim, is forbidden into the Garden.Magic is not welcome in Mourshyn; it wishes only to be left alone, stagnant in time. And such a land—isolated and hostile—is a perfect target for anything seeking to bring conflict to the Fey. Beautiful, dark, verdant Peregrim is ruled by the Lord of the Peregrim, Ránulf ai’Wryth. He is a quiet, steadfast warrior who is bound to the Garden, a ferocious Guardian who condemns those of Mourshyn as uncivilized brutes. Mourshyn’s Learned Recluse, Clariss de’Oriste, is far from an uncivilized brute. When she takes the punishment meant for another, she is taken to the Peregrim to save her life. Clariss should be terrified. Unconscious, her dreams take her through an exquisite garden, filled with the plants she loves, huge, heady blooms she’s never seen. It is there that she is healed, as she learns about the Peregrim.When Ránulf meets Clariss, sparks fly, but these two must overcome a lifetime of mistrust if they are to even be civil to one another. No sooner do Ránulf and Clariss learn of her connections to Peregrim than they find themselves caught up in a fear-fraught entreaty from Treaty and the King and Queen of Emythor. Something malevolent has found its way into Emythor through Mourshyn and its evil is already spreading out over the land. The people of the Riven Land will need the help of the Peregrim and even Emythor, itself, if they are to survive this attack. For while trust must be earned and nurtured, sometimes there isn’t time for that. Those of two broken lands must simply trust each other because they are, if nothing else, human.


Coming out in 2020

Whern Andera is an Indigene, a genetically pure native born with mysterious psychokinetic Abilities. She’s an Arbiter in the Corporation, the military-based entity that controls her planet, Ereden. For many years Hostiles have plagued the outer edges of the 9th Sector, attacking and robbing spaceships like common pirates, and then viciously destroying them. For reasons kept from her, Whern is prohibited from going offworld. With the help of her scheming Commanding Officer, she finagles the assignment to find the Hostiles. But her CO isn’t confident she can handle it alone and has plans to sneak aboard her ship. She doesn’t need anyone’s help, and she’s a lot more cunning than he ever thought she could be. Devious is just what she has to be because the Hostiles are so much more than mere pirates—and finding them will lead to something beyond shocking for Whern, the pirates, and their mutual worlds. Ereden mythos tells the faithful that they are created in the image of their Maker and someday they will meet that Maker. That Maker made more than just them, and that meeting might be sooner than anyone wishes.

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