Dragon Rings–Nice Dragons, but DON’T Make a Reever Angry!


My second book, Dragon Rings, is now out on Amazon. I had so much fun writing it that the second book is already brewing in my head and on my laptop. Everything about it was enjoyable–world building, populating that world, creating characters and so on–until I got toward the end and had to decide what to do with my bad guy.

In the meanwhile, my dragons are benevolent and love humans. At least, some humans. They learn there are bad ones out there. And the heroes of Dragon Rings aren’t your typical swords and sorcery couple, they have issues–father issues, grandfather issues, brother ones, and trust ones, too. Things can often be worked out, but other times, not so much.

So–back to the bad guy. It took a while, but suddenly, I hit on the perfect solution. OK, it’s grisly, and his father is the one who chose it, but hey, don’t betray your father, your Clan, magic, and your king, all at the same time, or you’re going to pay. And pay hard.

2 responses to “Dragon Rings–Nice Dragons, but DON’T Make a Reever Angry!”

  1. (Speaking as alpha-reader, who has already read the book): Tolle deserved what he got. And I guarantee that at least half your readers will CRINGE when they read what happens to Tolle. No “three hots and a cot” for THIS guy!

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