The Dragons of Nesht – Book 2

Dragon Rings (The Ring-Witches of Nesht Book 1) by [Binder, Debi Ennis]Updated 01/05/2018

His name is Smok, he’s a dragonlet, and he’s a pale color. The females Witches love him, the males…not so much. And the dragons see him as vermin–all he does is eat and sleep; he can’t even communicate with them.

Or can he? Nothing is as it seems, when a wee dragon shows up far away from his native land.

Dragon’s Revenge, Book 2, the Ring-Witches of Neshtthe Witches and Dragons have found their way back to the Ceshon Aerie, and what they find there…is most unexpected.


Updated: 11/07/17

Ah, plotting, how I love it! I updated the above, added some plot points, and another character–a tiny, black dragon. No name yet, or gender, any ideas??


As I start on my next book, the sequel to the wildly successful (*snrk*) Dragons Rings, Book 1, I try to remember what my laptop screen looked like back then, when I first started. The cursor blinked at me, as though it had a better place to be, and that white page reminded me of why, before I retired, I always started the development and writing of a new plan or procedure with a yellow or blue screen. White screens are very intimidating, and they don’t seem to help the thinking process at all.

I knew how I wanted to start Book 1, and much of Book 2 is plotted out, but the absolute beginning of ol’ #2 eludes me. So I try an outline. That is a joke! How do you outline a magical adventure that hasn’t even started yet? But a lot of famous writers outline. Ah, I see…the operative word here–famous! I’m not there yet. I need to find fame and a few bucks before I can start outlining.  OK, I’m cool with that. No outlining.

So what do the dragons and the witchlings do now? I need to approach this logically. If you’d just freed dragons and flown away with them, to find the bastards who nabbed their families and turned them into mindless robots, what would you do next? So, the story starts. They’re resting, the humans are sleeping, and Wolfe wants to make love to Mayra. Amidst dragons and witches, that’s all he can think about. I promised myself I wouldn’t make him a “typical guy” but the “typical guys” I know assure me, that’s what he’d wake up thinking about. So, something needs to take his mind off his current problem.  Do you know what a dire-wolf is? It’s extinct in our world, thankfully, but not in Nesht. They are huge and savage and known companions of the blue-skinned humans–the  Phailites–who have imprisoned the females and nestlings of the dragons. And two are about to fall off the back of a dragon into the midst of the human witches camp. Along with their very young master and his very belligerent uncle.

In the meanwhile, Mayra discovers that not all dragon are massive. Or overly intelligent. But…does that matter when it comes seeking her help…and it’s only a baby? Mayra’s heart melts…

Welcome to my world of plotting. Yes and no, cause and effect, why and why not. It’s fun and frustrating, and sometimes I have to go back and make a lot of changes, especially when a new and wonderful idea strikes me. But I love writing; it runs my head and most of my life, and I did want to let the readers out there know, though, that it can be a lot of work!




6 responses to “The Dragons of Nesht – Book 2”

  1. That got me thinking…what that’s stuff they strike on way back when, to light candles? I can have him puff out pathetic little smokes, like he knows he should breathe fire, but can’t. The others laugh at him. Poor baby.

  2. I’m going to name her Oria, for the child that died in first book. But I wondered, should that be some sort of secret, meaningful only to those who read the first book, or should I say, the dire-wolf pup is named for a child that died before the reevers met up with the dragons. Not so meaningful to the new reader. Another one of those plotting musings we get to enjoy. The morning frisk session gets interrupted by the pup. Frustrated Wolfe!

  3. I’m not famous either, but I create an outline, or at least an informal plan, for every book I write.

    About Wolfe feeling racy: When Wolfe wakes up, basic biology dictates that he will be thinking hard about sex (so to speak). If Mayra is nearby, Wolfe will be thinking hard about sex with her.

    The dire-wolf pup: Maybe name it Situation? (As in, “Buddy, don’t mess with me, or you will face a dire Situation.”)

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