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Fantasy worlds. Magical inhabitants. Timeless battles between Good and Evil.

“Summerbird Rises” Back on Amazon


“Summerbird Rises” has been thoroughly edited and is once again available for sale on Amazon, as I continue to edit “Summerbird’s Quest” which is Book 2, of An Act of Entreaty.

I’ve gotten quite a few requests for the second book, everyone wants to know what happened to that crazy Miffin Griffin; was Summerbird able to step up to the plate and stop depending upon the guys to save her butt; and how much magical mischief will Orkey, the cattu, get into, now that she’s met another one of her kind, a male (you have to read the book if you want to know what a cattu is). Sprites are providing too much help, Treaty seems to be deliberately eluding them, and more magical creatures keep popping up–some to help and many to harm. Can Summerbird and her band of questers–with their very strange new guide–survive to battle the evil creature that must have the magic from their homeland to survive?

Summerbird Rises (An Act of Entreaty Book 1) by [Binder, Debi Ennis]

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