Fantasy worlds. Magical inhabitants. Timeless battles between Good and Evil.

Summerbird Rises – Book 1 of An Act of Entreaty by Debi Ennis Binder


Summerbird Rises, Book 1, An Act of Entreaty

Summerbird Asii has always been an inept seer; why try to deny it? She's spent her young life hiding her fractured magic in a land where magic will get you a death sentence faster than any crime. Such a lack of talent is, in fact, goddess-sent. The last thing she wants is for the heavily armed men who enforce the 'no-magic' law to catch and jail—or even execute—her. The last thing she needs is a visit from a griffin with a task. Does she has a choice? She doesn't. She must rescue several highborn Fey. An evil sorcerer compromised their magic, and he really doesn't want a feckless seer interfering with his plans. Why would she agree to do such a mad thing? As the griffin leaves her to decide, his parting words are an irresistible lure to a young woman desperate to learn of her missing life in a magical land—would you like to learn your magic? “Summerbird Rises” begins the tale of Summerbird, a young seer, whose ultimate talent is her appalling inability to see the future or work magic. When a gruff, wheedling griffin shows up in her cottage, things will never be the same for Summerbird. Follow her as she learns who—and what—she really is, and what monumental secrets she will learn once she returns to Emythor, the land of her birth. Including perhaps the greatest secret—why her grandfather left her in a cold-blooded, non-magical world with a well-used green-crystal ball, and the words, “This is your legacy. Forget whatever you see in it.”


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