Dragon Rings – Book 1 of The Ring-Witches of Nesht by Debi Ennis Binder

Mayra kept her eyes fastened on her warlord until she reached him and sat down next to him on the log he shared with her rival, the woman Mayra had bested to become the High Ring-Witch of the Kioreu Clan—Noura Kerosk. Mayra’s beautiful, talented, bitchy cousin.
“Mayra,” the younger woman purred. “How wonderful to see you again. I was going to ask dear Leisher if I should go and awaken you! And concerned I should be! You look so much more tired than the last time I saw you, my dear. Are you not enjoying your life as a reever?”
“I like such life well enough, Noura.” Mayra let her eyes travel insolently over her cousin, dismissing her out of hand. “But I must say I fear being an adventurer is taking its toll on you, for you seem so much more timeworn since I last saw you. Are you certain you aren’t finding it challenging to maintain your place as the Cothli Clan High Ring-Witch?”
Noura’s dark eyes flashed…





Dragon Rings – Book 1 of the Ring-Witches of Nesht

“Dragon Rings” is the first in a series of tales that starts with the restoration of an ancient affinity between Ring-Witches and dragons. Mayra and Wolfe, powerful witches, must overcome unknown enemies and betrayal from within to save the great black dragon, Gaulte, and the males of his Clan from slavery at the hands of their evil captors. But freeing the dragons is just the beginning, for Mayra and Wolfe and their small but fierce assembly of witches learn that there are some things worth more than a life, and causes that even dragons will die for. ************************************************************************************ Read More: Mayra, a powerful Witch who rides with a spirited clan of reevers, the king’s enforcers. A striking woman with wealth and power—both magical and political—her black wrist Rings that tell all that she is not merely a Witch, she is a Ring-Witch, with a level of magic only those with her power and training can equal. Unprovoked destruction in a remote area of the kingdom sends the reever Clan north to investigate the source. Mayra’s boredom is quickly alleviated in ways she never dreamed. She starts hearing voices and feeling strange and terrifying sensations. She suffers through visions of burning humans and demolished villages. And those revelations all too quickly become a terrible reality. Wolfe is an enigmatic and scheming man who catches the eye of the young Ring-Witch. It doesn’t take him long to figure out that Mayra is one female he will be hard-pressed to deceive. Wolfe plans to steal a small book containing information on the magical Rings that Mayra wears. Rings that Wolfe wears, as well—but they are another secret he’s keeping. Wolfe needs to rescue his Familiar, locate her child, save a witch from an owl—he doesn’t have time for an intriguing female who is hearing things. But shortly after accepting her assistance, he finds he must make time—Mayra just walked off with his book and Wolfe has started hearing weird things, as well. Mayra and Wolfe, join forces to investigate the ongoing—and very puzzling—destruction around them. How can something be powerful and vile enough to incinerate buildings, forests, animals, and people, yet leave valuable gold and jewels behind? What do these savage invaders want? The two young warriors soon realize that they are hearing and feeling the same presence, but it refuses to identify itself. When Mayra finds a talon, she suspects what is trying to contact them…Dragons. Mayra and Wolfe must determine if the magnificent creatures are guilty of the destruction being laid at their talons. Or is there another villain—is a spy close to the group undermining their efforts to unmask their enemy. Who is the mastermind behind this unspeakable betrayal? But the question of whether the dragons are innocent pawns or vicious human-killers becomes moot. On a quiet, snowy morning, the dragons return, and they carry brutal, fire-wielding men who will not stop their attack until every Witch and warrior is dead. And Mayra knows she must choose. Witch or reever. Which is she, who will win? And what will become of her life if neither does?




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