Revisiting Dragons and Witches

I’d like to invite you into the magical, sometimes frightening beginnings of the realm of Ring-witches and dragons–the world of Nesht. Meet Mayra, a powerful Ring-Witch who has been raised an adventurer as a reever, the king’s formidable enforcers. After many years, she finds herself seeking new adventures on her horizon. But for the present,…Read more »

Writing – It’s More than a Pursuit

​Fantasy writers are unique in that they take a flat piece of paper, build a world on it, then populate that world all the way down to the size of the points on an elf’s ears. Swear words, pets, fashion, politics, and what’s for dinner–we create it all. It’s a true work of love!  My…Read more »

Debi Ennis Binder, Author

Debi has an old soul, whose childhood sorrows finally found happiness. But she doesn’t discount the value of being an unhappy child; from early on, many far-flung realms of magic were there, just waiting for her to escape to—worlds where fantastic characters and their tales were waiting to be discovered and articulated. She now lives to capture the mythos of magical worlds and make them accessible in ways that will beguile, charm, frighten and enthrall, in short, enchant those of the mundane and non-magical worlds.

She joined the corporate world and soon became sadly aware that Fey and magic could not be combined with cubicles and mindless meetings. She left that world to return to the griffins, dragons, sorcerers, ælves, and many other genera of the fantasy universe (which is a far more corporeal world than most people realize). After years of traveling many lands, she settled in the Land of Enchantment. With the help of her husband and their cats, she has returned to the lovely task of capturing the mythos of many mystical domains.

But telling a tale often takes more than memories and notes. Therefore, Debi frequently journeys out into those realms to renew old acquaintances and make new friends. Even as they change, things do remain unbothered—some beings are good, some bad, many don’t know what they are, and it can be hard to discern one from the other. Debi listens to them, although sometimes she can hardly tell the dark from the light, the up from the down. But she records each tale faithfully, and with the varieties of their species and the worlds they live in, full of discord and harmony, love and hate, virtue and corruption, life can be breathtaking!

Debi has two fantasy ebooks published and is working on sequels to both.

Dragon Rings, Book One, The Ring-Witches of Nesht

Summerbird Rises, Book One, An Act of Entreaty

Dragon’s Revenge and Summerbird’s Quest, are planned to be released in 2018.

The Team


Although I live in beautiful New Mexico, which is an excellent place to live, I find the world at large to be a trying place in which to exist. Therefore, I work hard to remove my readers from this world and transport them to one where good overcomes evil, and evil is punished; good is either inherent or learned, and good is always rewarded; and love—for a human, a cat, or a dragon—always wins. I revel in, angst over and would enjoy living the worlds I build, although I would need to learn to wield a weapon and dress a deer. And finally, I wish only to ensure that my worlds of fantasy keep the worries of life from seeping into them. I cannot; however, say the same for evil mages and misled trolls. I retired from writing for the federal government, where I took federal laws and turned them into plans and procedures understandable by the human brain. I have one wonderful husband, two amazing kids, and seven great cats. I also enjoy oil painting and crochet, probably in that order, on those infrequent occasions when I'm not writing.