Fantasy worlds. Magical inhabitants. Timeless battles between Good and Evil.

Debi Ennis Binder

A bit more about me and my writing and how it came to be.

I truly have an old soul, and my childhood sorrows finally found happiness. But I don’t discount the value of being an unhappy child; from early on, many far-flung realms of magic were there, just waiting for me to escape to—worlds where fantastic characters and their tales were waiting to hide me, teach me and heal me. As I have said before, I now live to capture the mythos of magical worlds and make them accessible in ways that will beguile, charm, frighten and enthrall, in short, enchant those of the mundane and non-magical worlds.

I joined the corporate world and soon became sadly aware that Fey and magic could not be combined with cubicles and mindless meetings. I left that world as soon as I could to return to the griffins, dragons, sorcerers, ælves, and many other genera of the fantasy universe (which is a far more corporeal world than most people realize). After years of traveling many lands, I settled in the Land of Enchantment. With the help of my husband and our cats, I have returned to the lovely task of capturing the mythos of many mystical domains.

But telling a tale often takes more than memories and notes. Therefore, I frequently journey out into those realms to renew old acquaintances and make new friends. Even as they change, things do remain unbothered—some beings are good, some bad, many don’t know what they are, and it can be hard to discern one from the other. I listen to them, although sometimes I can hardly tell the dark from the light, the up from the down. But I record each tale faithfully, and with the varieties of their species and the worlds they live in, full of discord and harmony, love and hate, virtue and corruption, life can be breathtaking!

I have two fantasy ebooks published and am working on sequels to both.

Dragon Rings, Book One, The Ring-Witches of Nesht

Summerbird Rises, Book One, An Act of Entreaty

Dragon’s Revenge and Summerbird’s Quest, are planned for release in 2018.

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