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His hand engulfs mine; the intensity of his magic disturbs me. Or is it him? Huge and menacing, he appears in dark shadows, and he touches me. Is he human? Chills dance through me. Can he be one of the evil beings I’ve been warned about since stepping into this magical realm? That first scorching touch should have warned me. Instead, I am enthralled. And then, he’s gone.

He knows my future and what I must become to fulfill my destiny, and yet he cannot stay away. He will guide me toward the evil creature I must battle someday. As magic grows within me, I learn that not all monsters are the same… How do I tell this one I love him?

I am Summerbird, and I don’t know—no one knows—what I am. A changeling? A destroyer? Am I the monster now? With perilous magic that bursts to life from within me—myriad points of light that dance lovingly around me as they teach and enable me to kill, I just might be. And he is there, warning me of the dire future awaiting me. Do I defy Fate and choose my path? What will become of me if I refuse to face my future without the fiery man forbidden to love me at my side?

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Summerbird Asii knows she doesn’t belong in Isterr. Magic is forbidden in the realm and just a hint of it could get her imprisoned, tortured, or executed. Or all three. Born in Emythor of magical parents, Summerbird lives every day terrified someone will notice she’s…different. When a tiny griffin from the magical realm visits her, she panics. No matter how intriguing his story of needing her help is, it doesn’t move her—but getting to leave this realm behind does. As the griffin fades away, his parting words are a luring temptation to a young woman desperate to find her lost life—Would you like to learn your magic?

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With the sequel, Summerbird’s Quest, nearing publication, this is the perfect opportunity to read the first book. Join Summerbird as a fast-talking griffin lures her into returning to the realm of her birth. She agrees to help him, but only if she gets to stay in Emythor. Life for Summerbird will never be the same—nor will Emythor, once she starts learning her magic.

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