Fantastic Females!

Writing about fantastic females who own their worlds is my true passion. But I had to do a lot of reading through the years to find my voice. If you’re looking to find yourself in a powerful book-friend, or just love reading about women who don’t need a man (though one is nice to have around sometimes😏), you’ll find what you seek in this promotion! And of course, with Mayra being my own fantastic female—a young woman who combines her magic and her sword to take on the direst of evil—my two Dragon-Rings books are included.

Ring-Witch Mayra, the magical sentinel for a large clan of powerful, vicious reevers, is ready to fight when her realm is attacked. A simple plan—find the attackers and kill them—is hindered when she meets two mysterious males. A Ring-Witch whose icy blue eyes want to make her forget everything else and a dragon who needs her help more than anything ever has. Can an independent female overcome a lifetime of cynicism and do the most challenging thing imaginable—trust a male? Trust earned is trust given–whether to men or to dragons. And it’s enough for Mayra and her Ring-Witches to flee their kingdom and join the dragons they’ve saved as they seek what was taken from them and fight a thief whose evil knows no bounds.  

Click HERE for “Dragon Rings” and “Dragon’s Revenge.”
Please take some time to enjoy books from great authors and their Fantastic Females.


Dragon Rings

A realm is invaded. People are massacred in a brilliant blue fire that flows like water. Unable to defend themselves, they scream out for help. When Nesht’s powerful Ring-Witches find the intruders, what should have been a short conflict becomes a question of loyalty. And the witches hide the truth. Not only that, but they also promise to help—the invaders. What happens to cause Nesht’s protectors to change their allegiance in one fell swoop? The realm has forgotten that Ring-Witches owe their magic—their very existence—to beings lost to mythos. Dragons. Dragons have returned, and though the realm might not be ready to meet them, angry dragons won’t stay hidden for long. Theirs is a dilemma only Ring-Witches can solve, and dragons don’t ask twice.  

Dragon’s Revenge

Ring-Witches, Mayra and Wolfe flee Nesht with the dragons they rescued. They expect to find the icy dragon Aerie empty—at least they know why. But Mayra is now connected to the dragon Prime, and she senses he holds a secret that might endanger the witches. They find the missing dragons in a vast cavern held by a savagely evil dragon, and he quickly traps the witches. Fighting for her life, Mayra learns the secret, and that something utterly innocent must die to fulfill it. Mayra relentlessly seeks the rogue dragon, knowing he craves the destruction of every dragon and witch opposing him. When Mayra learns why an evil dragon seeks a baby dragon more precious than anyone can dream of, she finally realizes the dire destiny awaiting Nesht if one dragon succeeds with his unspeakable plans.

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