Bingeable Dragons Ends Today!

Today is the last day to pick up my two bingeable books HERE. You’ll find yourself in an ocean of fantastic books! Keep scrolling until you find “Dragon Rings” and the sequel “Dragon’s Revenge.” And once you do, please, stay a while and check out all the other enjoyable books in this promo!

Delve into an epic fantasy that brings together two disparate worlds—witches and dragons, a force created long ago to protect the realm of Nesht. Nesht has forgotten their formidable guardians, but when fire and death descend from the mountains, the witches and dragons join once more. But things aren’t quite as peaceful as the people—or the king—remember.

Dragon Rings and Dragon’s Revenge are only $.99 each and today is the last day! Over 850 pages of strong women and men who find their destiny on the backs of mighty dragons. My dragons don’t breathe fire. They’re benevolent and peaceful. They have families. There are baby dragons! But all that changes when the females and younglings are stolen. Humans will then see a side of dragons previously seen only in their nightmares!

Dragon Rings

Solitary in spirit, Ring-Witch Mayra rides beside the Warlord of a Clan of powerful reevers. Until she meets Ring-Witch Wolfe, a mysterious man who somehow touches her lonely soul. When her Clan responds to a horrific attack on the realm, an unseen but formidable presence connects with Mayra’s mind; when she pushes back, it sends her mind rending pain—then begs for forgiveness. When Mayra finds a huge talon, she finally knows her adversary. Dragons have returned to Nesht. But these aren’t the altruistic dragons of the distant past, a time when dragons cared for and protected witches. These dragons are ready to battle all humans, for there are some causes even mighty dragons will die for. And Mayra and Wolfe have little time to uncover that cause.

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Dragon’s Revenge

Ring-Witches, Mayra and Wolfe flee Nesht with the dragons they rescued. They know they’ll find the icy dragon Aerie empty and why. But Mayra is connected to the dragon Prime, and she senses he is keeping a secret. When they find the missing dragons in a vast cavern held by a savagely evil dragon, he traps the witches. There, Mayra learns the secret—and that something utterly innocent must die to fulfill it. Mayra relentlessly seeks the rogue dragon, knowing he craves the destruction of every dragon and witch. When Mayra learns why an evil dragon seeks a baby dragon more valuable than anyone can dream of, she realizes the dire destiny awaiting Nesht if one dragon succeeds with his plans.

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