“Summerbird Rises” for .99 Goes Away After Today

Summerbird Rises is on sale for only $.99! But it’s the last day!

Despite life in mundane Isterr, Summerbird is happy in her tiny cottage, with her cat, Orkey, plying her trade as the world’s worst seer. How can she possibly tell people what she really sees? She’d end up in the witchkeep, for sure! When a tiny griffin appears in front of her, she panics. Despite her trying to get rid of him, somehow, he beguiles her into returning to the magical realm of her birth, Emythor.

There’s a lot the griffin forgot to mention. Like, her grandfather is Emythor’s most powerful sorcerer. Ever. And a monstrous evil being is hellbent on stealing the realm’s magic. The horrific beast is working with the missing Queen of Emythor, who is evil personified. Her magic is powerful, and she hates Summerbird. Oh, and Treaty, the disembodied entity that created Emythor? He wants Summerbird and her friends to find him—is he hiding from the evil creature? What? To top it off, there’s an evil sorcerer following Summerbird, trying to kill her friends. He really wants her. And Summerbird? How can she help Treaty and Emythor when she might have found a kindred soul, hiding in the shadows of her bedchamber?

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A man appears in the shadows of my bedchamber.

He reaches out; his hand engulfs mine, and his power shocks through me. Did I see a glimmer of red in his eyes? Is he human? How can a man so beautiful be one of the evil beings I’ve been advised about since stepping into the magical realm? His first fiery touch should have forewarned me. Instead, I’m enthralled. He knows my future and what I must become to fulfill my destiny, yet he cannot help me. He can only guide me to the evil creature I must battle as my magic grows within me. But not all monsters are the same… How do I tell this one I love him?

I am Summerbird. I don’t know—no one knows—who or what I am. A changeling? A weapon…a destroyer? The magic that fills me must be perilous, for it bursts to life from within me. Myriad points of light dance lovingly around me, touching me, teaching me. And once they equip me to kill, they warn me of the dire future awaiting me. Do I defy Fate and choose my path? What will become of me if I refuse to face my future without the fiery man forbidden to love me at my side?

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