Can Cultured Dragons Live with Unruly Witches?

Delve into an epic fantasy that reunites two long-separated allies—witches and dragons, a force created long ago to protect the realm of Nesht. But Nesht has forgotten their formidable guardians, until fire and death descend from the mountains. The witches and dragons join once more, but things aren’t quite as peaceful as the realm remembers. These dragons don’t breathe fire. They’re benevolent and peaceful. They have families. There are baby dragons! But all that changes when the females and younglings are stolen. Humans will then see a side of dragons previously told of in mythos and seen in their nightmares!

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Dragon’ Revenge

What does the future hold for unruly, high-spirited humans who move in with scholarly, sophisticated dragons?

Ring-Witches Mayra and Wolfe flee Nesht with the dragons they rescued. The icy dragon Aerie is empty. Though Mayra senses the dragon Prime, Gaulte, is keeping something from her, she still promises they will find the stolen females and younglings. They find the missing dragons in a vast cavern, but the savagely evil dragon who holds them traps the witches. There, Mayra learns the secret—and to fulfill it, something utterly innocent must die. The Ring-Witches relentlessly hunt the rogue dragon, knowing he craves the destruction of every dragon and witch. Mayra then learns why the evil dragon seeks a baby dragon more valuable than anyone can imagine. And only then does she realize the dire destiny awaiting the Ring-Witches, the dragons, and even Nesht, if one dragon succeeds with his plans.

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