Witches and Dragons Make a Great Gift!

Mayra uses her magic and blades to fight from the back of a horse. Can a dragon be that different?

In Dragon Rings, Ring-Witches Mayra and Wolfe, and the Prime dragon, Gaulte, led a savage battle, killing the blue human tormentors. They freed the male dragons, but they also freed the Ring-Witches from serving a tyrannical king who would have used the dragons to bring every country on their landmass to their knees. The Ring-Witches and the dragons are proof that trust earned is trust given. They leave Nesht without ever looking back.

Mayra, Wolfe and Gaulte now face a greater problem. Where, in the vast icy mountains, would a thief hide an Aerie-full of females and younglings? And why does Mayra sense that Gaulte is keeping a secret connected to the missing dragons? Scarcely do the Ring-Witches locate the thief’s lair when they, too, are captured. Mayra now senses that somehow, their captor, a savage, evil rogue dragon, holds the key to Gaulte’s secret—and that something utterly innocent must die to fulfill it. When Mayra learns why the rogue seeks a precious baby dragon more valuable than anyone can imagine, she finally realizes the dire destiny awaiting Nesht if the rogue succeeds with his unspeakable plans—he seeks to destroy every dragon and Ring-Witch in Nesht and beyond.

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