Can a Miraculous Baby Dragon be Saved?

The conclusion to “Dragon Rings” is the only place to find out. And it’s free for only a short while longer!

What does the future hold for unruly, high-spirited humans who move in with scholarly, sophisticated dragons? Nothing like she ever expected, she soon learns.

Ring-Witch Mayra is accustomed to the luxurious life in the Nesht palace her position has brought her. She leaves that life behind without a second thought, only to find herself in a new home—a dragon Aerie that’s surprisingly comfortable and nearly as lavish as the palace. What will it be like to live with huge dragons? Why do the dragons ask that the witches all stay together in one large room… just for now? When Mayra and Wolfe sneak out and stumble into Gaulte’s chambers, they’re beyond stunned. Is this what the humans who raided the aerie were looking for? Who knew Gaulte’s mate collected jewels of every kind imaginable? Hundreds of— No, thousands of huge, glittering, priceless jewels… Gaulte is flummoxed. All dragons collect such baubles to please their mates and amuse their younglings. Humans want these things? What are we waiting for? Start gathering them up!

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Ring-Witches Mayra and Wolfe flee Nesht, carried skyward by the Prime black dragon Gaulte and his kin. It’s a long, cold journey north to the Dragon Aerie and a dismal one, for they know it’s empty. Or is it? Though Mayra senses the dragon Prime, Gaulte, is keeping something from her, she promises they will find the stolen females and younglings. But locating them in a deep cavern makes her promise hard to keep. Still, the witches lead the first effort to free the prisoners, only to be captured themselves by mysterious, irrational humans as mad as the savage, malevolent dragon who enthralled them. While the dragons and Wolfe distract their captors, Mayra goes deeper into the cave, seeking the dragons, as well as a stolen talisman—an evil thing that only a wielder of dark dragon magic can use, and only with an act so horrific it sickens Mayra. Once freed, witches and dragons join in a relentless hunt for the rogue dragon, for he makes no secret of the fact that he craves the destruction of every dragon and witch in the world. When Mayra learns why the evil dragon has hidden a baby dragon more valuable than anyone can imagine, it leads her to the terrible secret that the dragons have hidden from the witches. And at last, she realizes the dire destiny awaiting the Ring-Witches, the dragons, and even Nesht, if one demented dragon succeeds with his plans.

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