Winter Fantasy Presents:”Summerbird Rises” and a New Cover!

Join me in a new promotion for 2023–Winter Fantasy, where you can fill your reader with so many great fantasies, you’ll be able to curl up all winter while you discover new worlds. Summerbird Rises is among these select books; I hope you’ll download her and start her journey, as the sequel, Summerbird’s Quest, will be out soon.

Summerbird’s new cover is so beautiful! Thanks so much, Adriana Musetti Davila, for updating Summerbird and Orkey, showing them awash in Summerbird’s magic as she revels in what was veiled when she taken from the magical realm.

Find Summerbird Rises FREE HERE!

Miffin Griffin has returned Summerbird and Orkey, her cattu, to magical Emythor. She hasn’t been there since her grandfather took her to the mundane realm when she was a baby. The sensation of her magic brings her so much joy, but she hasn’t forgotten she owes Miffin a task. As Summerbird busily learns her magic, she also sees and hears things that make her wonder if there might be other reasons she was returned to the land of her birth. Her world reels when she discovers that something evil has crawled up from the Dark Drift, seeking to destroy Treaty—the all-powerful entity that created Emythor. She wasn’t supposed to know that; now that she does, her friends try to distract her. But her curiosity is as compelling as her magic seems to be. The deeper she digs, the less things make sense. Who can she trust, when no one will tell her the truth about her past, and they seem overly concerned about her future? Why is her magic so different from the other Fey? And why is she guarded so carefully everywhere she goes? When she’s attacked in the palace forest, she is saved by a striking man who opens her eyes not only to her sensuality, but to realities regarding Treaty, Emythor, and the Fey. Only then does she begin to understand—sometimes it’s impossible to know who is trustworthy until it’s too late. Her powerful lover shares a frightening truth with Summerbird. Treaty, the entity everyone adores, hides the greatest secrets, especially from her. She is not Fey, but no one knows just what she is. Hers is a unique and powerful magic—and it’s just what the creature from the Dark Drift yearns for.

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